Oracle license audit - 3 steps for how to win

Oracle license audits can cost companies millions in avoidable license fees.
Why do I wrote avoidable? - Because in my experience (300+ Oracle license audits)
90% of all out of compliance findings in Oracle license audit reports are
not due to over-usage but simply

a) Misunderstanding Oracle licensing rules
b) Misinterpreting Oracle licensing policies such as virtualization.

How should you "win" an Oracle license audit?

1. As soon as you recieve the Oracle license audit notification letter.
Contact an Oracle licensing expert who can help you run the
Oracle LMS scripts on your Oracle servers. Then you can get the results
of what Oracle license audit will show later.

2. You will see that you are millions of dollars out of compliant.
Obviously you should purchase licenses for what you are using, but you
may see mistakes in deployments and can make a decision on what to
do before the license audit begins.

3. When the decisions & actions have been taken, you can contact Oracle
LMS (audit) to start the audit.

Its quite simple and follow my advise and you will never have any problems
in an oracle license audit guide

Thanks for reading.