Oracle Magazines

Oracle users can subscribe to the following job-related magazines:

Profit magazine

Frequency: quarterly
Publisher: Oracle publishing
Description: Oracle Corporation's business technology magazine for IT managers and E-Business Suite consultants.

Oracle Magazine

Frequency: bi-monthly
Publisher: Oracle publishing
Description: Oracle Magazine contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news and how-to articles for developers and DBAs.

Exploring Oracle

Frequency: monthly
Publisher: Eli Journals
Description: Administer your Oracle database with confidence! Step-by-step articles show you how to maintain data integrity, drop columns painlessly in your tables, use locally managed tablespaces to simplify space allocation, and maintain tighter security in your Oracle applications - without sacrificing performance. Incorporate Oracle's newest and most exciting features into your environment with Exploring Oracle.

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The following magazines are not available any more: